What is a Live Casino?


A live casino is a casino that uses live video connections to real people. These casinos offer a variety of table games, including roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat. Most of these games are played against computer simulations, but there are some that are played with a live dealer. Live casino sites have also become popular with people who cannot physically visit casinos.

The most popular type of live casino is the roulette game. Players can choose from American or European Roulette. This type of game is played using a wheel with built-in sensors that help the dealer determine the result. Some casinos also offer multi-ball roulette. You can play for as little as one cent per spin, but the house edge is relatively high.

Other games include Blackjack, Baccarat, Sic Bo and Three Card Poker. The player must beat the dealer’s hand to win. Occasionally, a bonus side bet is offered. These are available if the dealer’s hand is a three-of-a-kind or if the player pairs the dealer’s cards. If the casino customer wins, they receive a percentage of the winnings in the form of comps or bonuses.

Live dealer casinos require a substantial investment in technology. They also have a physical security force. Modern casino security is typically divided into a physical security force and a specialized surveillance department. Both departments work closely with the casino to ensure the safety and well-being of players.

Many live casino games are broadcast in HD, which provides a more realistic experience. This includes a live video connection that allows players to see the dealers, the casino and the surroundings. In addition, some websites offer a live chat function that allows you to interact with the dealer.

In general, live casino games are similar to regular online casino games, except that the results are not computer-generated. They use real chips and a human dealer.

Live casino games can be accessed from your desktop or mobile device. Typically, these games run from ten in the morning to four in the morning. During this time, the studio employs a cameraman, a pit boss and an information technology manager.

Live casino games are available at most top online casinos. The top live casinos offer a variety of tables within each game. For example, some casinos offer three card poker, casino hold’em, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. There are also a few that offer live Sic Bo and Multi-Ball Roulette.

Some live dealer casinos offer welcome bonuses for new customers. Depending on the casino, you can receive a percentage of your initial deposit. It is important to select the right operator. As with any casino, the rules and regulations vary. Before playing for real money, it is a good idea to read about the regulations of each website.

Some live casino games are played in real time, allowing you to hear the sounds of the casino and interact with the dealer. Those who wish to avoid this experience should sit in an alternative location.